For Boards

Board Members: Lead with Vision.

Center workers in your strategies for the future of work and drive sustainable, inclusive progress for your company.

Future-Proof Leadership: How Company Boards Can Empower Workers in the Tech-Driven Workplace

» Company Boards have a critical responsibility to prioritize workers’ concerns and ideas, especially as AI and other increasingly sophisticated technologies are being integrated into the workplace.  This approach is not just ethical but also strategically sound. By centering workers, Boards can ensure that technological advancements enhance, rather than disrupt, the workforce’s productivity and well-being. This leads to a more engaged, skilled, and adaptable workforce, which is essential for long-term business resilience and success.«

Boards must balance a variety of complex governance issues in a rapidly changing environment and market volatility.

The challenges and opportunities Boards include the following:

Human capital management, including DEI, worker voice, and labor organizing

Corporate social responsibility, sustainability, ESG, and disclosures

AI, emerging technologies, and technology governance

Board effectiveness

Shareholder activism

Guiding companies on social issues

Navigating evolving regulatory landscape