About Us

Supporting proactive and collaborative industrial , labor, and tech relations in shaping the future of work

We offer a space where workers and industry can experiment, address challenges, and design solutions alongside industry, to build a future that protects their well-being and needs.

The Future of Workers Initiative

» The Future of Workers Initiative is a non-profit civic enterprise supported by the Ford Foundation and the Guild of Future Architects working the intersections of labor, tech, and industrial policy.  We work closely with key shapers of the “future of work” — workers, investors, C-suite, and boards to address challenges, strategize, and shape a future that prioritizes the welfare and needs of the workforce.

We do this through:

  • Strategic research on emerging labor, finance, and technology trends.
  • Providing supportive and financial support for workers to come together either through dinners, community meetings, workshops, etc.
  • Industry engagement focused on understanding the concerns, frameworks, and challenges that our key stakeholders (e.g. founders, investors, Boards, and CEOs) face. As well as providing technical guidance and assistance in implementation of policies or other solutions.
  • Policy engagement that leverages worker ideas and voice to shape policy on AI and emerging technologies or developing new policy models or platforms that workers want to see.
  • Know your rights workshops and trainings to educate and help industry partners adapt to emerging technology trends in worker-centric ways.
  • Leadership development that incubate and supports the next generation of cross-sectoral future of work leaders.

Our Team

The people here to support you are:

»From her first job as a Sandwich maker at Wendys to being a Therapist in juvenile detention facilities, to researching and building technology, and analyzing labor and tech trends,  Wilneida has always grounded her work within the lives and experiences of everyday working families and people. «

has studied technology’s impact on politics in East Asia and Latin America and has developed tech applications in collaboration with lawyers and philanthropic organizations like the Ford Foundation. She is currently the Director of Research and Policy at Coworker and advises on corporate governance, risk management, and responsible innovation. She co-founded the Startups and Society Initiative and the Responsible Innovation Founders’ Summit and holds a PhD in Comparative Politics, an MPhil in International Relations, and a Masters in Public Administration.

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Lead Economics Researcher

»From ballet dancing to connecting the dots across emerging socio-economic and technological trends, Zoe’s unwavering dedication to human rights and socioeconomic equity is bolstered by her belief in global interconnectedness, driving her commitment to impactful change.«

She recently completed the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs, enhancing her leadership skills and understanding of societal issues through diverse experiences in government, nonprofits, and businesses. A former professional ballet dancer, she brings discipline and creativity to her research, focusing on economic trends. Zoe produces insightful reports and whitepapers, offering practical policy solutions. Her work with NGOs and advocacy groups reflects her dedication to fostering a more equitable global future, connecting her diverse past experiences with her current endeavors. Zoe holds a BA in Global Studies from UCLA.

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Director of Industry and Worker Engagement

»Liaya has worked in almost every industry that is currently being shaped by technology—call centers, banking, insurance, health, and the gig economy. Liaya’s commitment to worker engagement has been recognized by the NY Times and local news after she unexpectedly found herself organizing hundreds of unemployed workers unable to access benefits outside of the unemployment office in Atlanta. «

Liaya is a dedicated professional whose background in empathetic listening, customer service, and advocacy, combined with her experience as a resilient mother of two grown children, equips her with a unique commitment to serving others. Passionate about social change, policy advocacy, and empowering marginalized communities, Liaya has provided advocacy for unemployed workers in Atlanta and is a frequent collaborator with the NGO Coworker.   Liaya holds a Bachelors in Human Services & Psychology.

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Yashwinie Shivanand

Future of Worker Fellow

Yashwinie is our inaugural Future of Workers Cross-Sectoral Leadership fellow.

Yashwinie is involved in trustworthy AI governance across domains. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, an Expert on the UN’s Policy Network on Artificial Intelligence Multistakeholder Working Group, and a civil servant with the Government of Canada.

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