For Venture Capital & Limited Partners

Help champion responsible innovation that centers workers in early stage company building.

Secure a sustainable and equitable future for all, alongside technological advancement, and investments in world-changing companies.

Investing with a Long term Vision

» Venture capital (VCs) and limited partners (LPs) play a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology, societies, and economies.  By centering workers in investment decisions, especially when funding startups developing technologies for their workplace or that shape the economy, VCs and LPs can ensure a more sustainable and equitable future for all.  Prioritizing worker concerns and internal corporate governance inside and outside the startups you invest in is not only essential for identifying and managing risks but also helps to foster innovations that can drive economic growth and enhance workforce well-being and productivity. This approach leads to more resilient and socially responsible businesses, aligning long-term financial success with positive societal impact. As agents of change, venture capitalists have the unique opportunity to set a standard for responsible investment that values both technological advancement and the human element at its core.«

The traditional venture capital process (e.g. deal sourcing, due diligence, deal structuring, and post-investment activities) is facing pressure to adapt to changing social, policymaking, and regulatory pressures.

We meet VCs and LPs where they are and help them identify how centering workers is a key component to this adaptation and evolution.

Deal sourcing

Due diligence

Deal structuring

Post-investment activities


Market votality

Emerging technologies and AI

Diversty, equity, and inclusion