For Founders

Drive responsible innovation for workers and the economy.

A new generation of ambitious company-builders are learning to balance technological innovation with a commitment forecast and mitigate risks to society and the economy.

Balancing Responsible Innovation in the Future of Work

» Founders know that your talent is your strongest asset.  When developing products that will shape the workplace or job markets, it’s essential to consider their impact on workers. Striking the right balance between risks and benefits, maintaining transparency, and comprehending the social and economic repercussions is vital. Involve workers and other key players, and stay compliant with regulations. Your commitment to responsible innovation starts here!«

Build a culture and products that center workers.

Founders have a lot to juggle in the early stages of company-building. We meet you where you are at every step of the company-building process.

Developing a DEI, hiring, workplace culture playbooks

Managing and retaining talent

Keeping up with ESG demands

Keeping up with regulatory changes

Building a values-aligned cap table